It’s Never Too Late

Today, I learned that it’s never too late in life to make new friends. Although I have a smallish group of lovely friends, I’ve been thinking for a while, that having a few more would enhance my life. cheapest eurax cream online online cardsThough I’ve tried a variety of ways now and then to meet more women for potential friendships, nothing really gelled. Then I got a phone call earlier this week. I met a friend for dinner a few weeks ago, and happened to mention that I’ve wanted to learn how to play Canasta. She called and online told me about of group of women who were going to meet today, to form a Canasta group. Some have played before, and others have not. One had volunteered to teach us. My excitement rose, as I’d be learning this card game, and meeting new women who could potentially become friends.

I had a lovely time this afternoon. It changed my attitude about reaching an age where new friendships were nearly impossible to find. Now that the friendship piece has been taken care of…I need to remember about 360 new rules in order to learn how to play the card game!

Rhonda Buy serevent online calculator

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About the author: Rhonda

Rhonda Pawlan has an M.S. in Counseling and is a Life Coach for individuals with ADHD. As a a freelance writer, she has been published both in print and online. Her gigs included: a humor column, an advice column, articles about women's issues, and strategies for people struggling with attention deficit disorder. Her insightful writing is often a combination of observational humor mixed with human pathos. Rhonda writes from life experience, and her heart.

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