Elevated by Mature Love

loveToday, I was in a hospital elevator on my way to take some routine blood tests. An older (yes, older than a boomer) couple entered. She whispered in his ear. He smiled back and put his arm around her affectionately. It was easy to see they were in love. I asked how long they’d been married, as its not often one sees such affection between two people in their 70’s, I’m guessing.

The lady laughed and answered – “Not that long”. The gentleman smiled and exclaimed– “She’s my baby! We both lost our spouses, but she’s my baby.” It was so lovely to see two mature people who had found one another later in life and were so in love, so in tune with each other.

With so many boomers divorced, or in stale marriages, it became clear that no matter what the future may bring, there’s still a chance that one day an adoring person may still light up when you enter an elevator.


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About the author: Rhonda

Rhonda Pawlan has an M.S. in Counseling and is a Life Coach for individuals with ADHD. As a a freelance writer, she has been published both in print and online. Her gigs included: a humor column, an advice column, articles about women's issues, and strategies for people struggling with attention deficit disorder. Her insightful writing is often a combination of observational humor mixed with human pathos. Rhonda writes from life experience, and her heart.

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